The iconic near-touching of hands has become a significant part of history, being reproduced in countless ways that takes us back to the very beginning of time. 

'The Creation' puts a refined spin on a historical artwork dating back to the very core of what we know. The collection aims to create a graceful, yet street feel which is accomplished through the immaculate 'clean cut' aesthetic of each piece.

Street wear is a distinctive style of street fashion, although it can be difficult to define as it has rooted from hundreds of cultural movements. We have delved into the world of street wear by focusing on the finer details and being aware that the world of street fashion is ever changing. Here at Acid Reign, we have strung inspiration from every corner of the scope which has enhanced our perception and opened our minds to the captivating world of street cult style.  

In particular, the pocket logo tee is a perfect example of the 'street cult style' put into practice. The defined box logo is simple yet effective, which contrasts flawlessly against the jet black crew neck tee. As you turn over, the back print is defined and effortlessly sophisticated. The use of traditional colours enhances the shirts authenticity giving it a stronger sense of originality which will draw you in upon first sight. 






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