Contemporary fashion has drawn much of it’s inspiration from the sporting era, with athletic attire inspiring cutting edge styles that have transitioned seamlessly from the field to the street. In particular, the rugby jersey have gained popularity with it’s vintage aesthetic that portrays athleticism while maintaining a relaxed easy wearing feel.

Designers have embraced the jersey by replacing traditional colours with various shades and textures, which reflect a more sophisticated yet stylish feel. By moving away from customary designs, the rugby jersey has secured its place high up on the fashion stage becoming an iconic element of the sportswear era.

 At Acid Reign, we have explored ways in which we could create a piece that reflects the items heritage and aesthetic integrity. Through the use of a monochromatic palate we have aimed to create a product that is simplistic and effortless. The limited edition Cutting Edge jersey are made from a premium cotton/poly blend that ensures comfort alongside hand printed graphics that are placed on both breast plates creating a clean cut modern piece. 

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